Our fragrant bath salts are made with Epsom salts and tinted with a little colour and delightful fragrances. 

Relax Unwind enjoy the benefits of a warm bath

with 100% natural  nourishing bath salts
Bath Salts are great to help relax your muscles and loosen stiff joints. Salts are skin - friendly and assist in a deep clean, will help soften the skin, and effectively remove dead skin, while giving the skin nourishment and care. 
Add a cup of the bath salts (magnesium sulphate) into your warm bath 
Ingredients: Epsom Salts & fragrance oil, mica, botanicals  Approx 500 grams 

  • Bath Salt 200 grams
    When you soak in Bath Salts bath, the salts get into your body through your skin. and can help relax tired muscles and loosen stiff joints. Approx 200 grams
    NZ$ 8.00
  • Bath Salts
    Bath Salts 500 gram pack
    NZ$ 15.00
  • Bath Tea
    Luxury Bath Tea 100 gtams
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Rainbow Bath Salts
    Kids love these Rainbow Salts
    NZ$ 10.00