6 Kids Favourites fragrant Bath Bombs

6 Kids Favourites  fragrant Bath Bombs

Our large fragrant bath bombs come wrapped in funky coloured wraps.each bath bombs weight approx 125 grams about the size of a tennis ball

 1 x Baby Powder
 1 x Bubblegum
 1 x Candy Floss
 1 x Monkey Farts 
 1 x Pineapple & Mango 
 1 x Watermelon

There is nothing better than slipping into a bath and soaking your worries away and of course having some fun! 

With a bath bomb made by Lytewicks you will find our bombs filled with fragrance and oils and super fizzy and a touch of colour. The ingredients will make your skin feel smooth and soft and the fragrance will take you to a place of memories or simply sheer indulgence. 
Did you know if you don’t have a bath use these in the shower instead to create a beautiful aroma, exfoliate your skin and only use what you need !!

We only use first grade ingredients and fragrances and oils to ensure that we can tell you exactly what is in each bath bomb. There are no nasty ingredients we test on our kids!!

Ingredients: bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, Epsom salts, cornflour, fragrance and/or essential oils,

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